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Saturday, January 04, 2003

Looks like I have started off with a bang. I'm Jeff Culbreath, and Mr. Pawlak is about to rescind his invitation due to my technological incompetence. If the posts below seem a very ungracious way to commence, that is because they were intended for El Camino Real, not Caritas Unitas et Veritas, and I cannot figure out how to delete them. Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

I'm a traditionalist Catholic, according to the definition proposed by Kirk Kramer:

"We acknowledge the validity of the Novus Ordo Missae, when it is celebrated using the matter and form prescribed by the Pope, by a priest who has the intention of doing what the Church does. We also acknowledge the validity of the new rites of the other sacraments. At the same time, we are convinced that the Tridentine rite of the Mass is theologically, pastorally, and liturgically superior to the new rite of the Mass. Because the Pope is infallible in matters of faith and morals, but not impeccable in his prudential judgments concerning the governance of the Church (that is to say, it is possible for a Pope to make a mistake or to commit a sin), we believe that this position is entirely compatible with the religious assent of mind and will which the Second Vatican Council declares the faithful owe to the teaching authority of the Pope (Lumen Gentium 25)."

CUV promises to be lively and engaging. I'll have more to say later, but now it is off to chores. If anyone knows how to delete the unwelcome posts below, please let me know.


About Me....

Now that I've either just gained a plenary indulgence or added jillions of aeons to purgatorial time by enduring the Packers' game.....

I'm the fellow who pompously ponders things from Milwaukee. You could say I'm "conservative with trad leanings", most at home at an Eastern Rite Divine Liturgy or a Latin Mass in either the Tridentine or current usage, with a Gregorian Ordinary. I'm also of an inquisitive and (on some things) a slightly skeptical bent, and will likely be asking lots of questions, or acting as devil's advocate.

OK, enough about me.......



Welcome to this collaborative blog! The purpose: to discuss issues in a spirit of Caritas (keeping the discussion civil, and remembering that our fellow bloggers and commentors are brethren in Christ), Unitas (remembering that we're all Catholic, and finding some common ground), and Veritas (pursuing the truth -- indeed, Truth Himself --, and maintaining a spirit of honest inquiry). On board the CUV Blog: Jeff Culbreath, Michelle of And Then?, Pete Vere of several blogs, and yours truly. More may join in the near future. Other things, like a comments box,

I'd like from each contributor a brief account of himself (you're included in this pronoun, Michelle! :-) ), his "position", and what he hopes to see in this blog.

Shall we get on with it, then? Procedamus!

Tuesday, December 31, 2002


Stay Tuned....

.....for some good discussions.

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